Book – Tumorous Hesticles : Just Say Cancer

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“Why is it so hard to just say ‘cancer’?”

Af’s journey starts from the exhilaration of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to confronting a tumour diagnosis at 29. An unexpected return to the UK meant trading Olympic thrills for surgeries and chemotherapy. This isn’t just a tale of medical battles but family relationships, friendships and positivity. Af shared his journey on social media with an unfiltered look into the world of cancer treatment.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Brazil and the medical corridors of UK hospitals, Af’s tale is one of resilience, humour, and hope. A jocular tone combined with poignant moments, Af educates and connects, taking readers on an emotional journey. And throughout it all, a lingering question remains: What became of the Brazilian girl he met in Rio, and will he get through this?

‘You Got This’ emerges as a rallying cry. It’s a message of strength and solidarity for anyone touched by cancer.

Tumorous Hesticles a book about testicular cancer
Testicular Cancer Book – Tumorous Hesticles Just Say Cancer

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Best-Selling Audiobook on cancer, disabilities and diseases – Tumorous Hesticles: Just Say Cancer

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