Publication Book Launch is here!

Af Marseh’s book recalling his cancer journey is published into the world.

Tumorous Hesticles Just Say Cancer is now available on Amazon.

To purchase you can follow the link here

It’s been an incredibly long journey and one which I don’t know what happens next. It’s currently 01:57 in the UK.

Excited for what the future could bring but also incredibly proud for all the work that I have put into this so far.

It’s been a very tough process and I hope all of the hard work pays off.

If you buy the book and enjoy reading it then I would LOVE it if you can leave a review on Amazon also. It boosts the chances of getting higher into the charts.

If you have any contacts that could share the book or would like to read the book then please let me know.

For now, it’s another milestone passed and onto the marketing train for now.

Thank you for everything.


Af Marseh publishes book on cancer journey titled – Tumorous Hesticles Just Say Cancer

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